Academic Advising Transcripts

An academic advising transcript is an unofficial copy of your academic record at Penn State. This type of transcript includes a list of classes you have taken, grades you have received, and grade-point average information.

Academic advising transcripts are only available to currently enrolled students for on-campus academic advising. (Note: Each career is different and requested different information to be on their specific career advising, so we will not state this.) These transcripts are not certified by the University Registrar as a complete and accurate record of the University. Therefore, academic advising transcripts are never mailed to any third party regardless of permission from the student.

How to View Your Academic Advising Transcript

Academic advising transcripts may be obtained in LionPATH by selecting "Academic Records" on the Student Home Base, and then selecting "View Unofficial Transcript" from the left-side menu. They are printed on plain white paper in portrait view.