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Reminder about Pre-Registration Activity Guides

September 19, 2017 -- Prior to each semester's enrollment, a Pre-Registration Activity Guide will appear in your LionPATH Student Center. It contains verification of emergency contact information, as well as the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA); both of which are required to be completed each semester. The FRA is a promise to take financial responsibility for payment of your student account. The FRA hold will remain on a student's account until you have completed the Pre-Registration Activity Guide.

Spring 2018 Enrollment

Spring 2018 Pre-Registration Activity Guides have been loaded into LionPATH and should be available in your Student Center To Do List. You must complete the Pre-Registration Activity Guide to be eligible to enroll in spring 2018 classes. Otherwise, the FRA hold will remain on your account, which will prevent you from being able to enroll when your enrollment window becomes available. The only way to lift this hold and be able to enroll is to complete your Activity Guide.

Spring 2018 registration opens on October 11, 2017 for graduate and undergraduate students. Students can find their “First Day to Register” on the Registration Timetable or in their Enrollment Dates box in the LionPATH Student Center.

How to Find and Complete Your Pre-Registration Activity Guide

Your Pre-Registration Activity Guide can be found in your To Do List within the LionPATH Student Center. Once the To Do List tab is selected, your Pre-Registration Activity Guide will be displayed. Select the "Complete Tasks" button to open the Activity Guide.

For a detailed walkthrough on how to complete the Pre-Registration Activity Guide, please view the video tutorial or read the step-by-step instructions.