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Reminder: Understanding the Consent to Do Business Electronically

March 13, 2017 -- As required by Federal law, Penn State must inform students that it conducts business electronically and allow students to choose to conduct business through other means. Therefore, as a current or former student, the first time you log in to LionPATH, you are given the choice to agree to conduct business electronically with the University by signing the Consent to do Business Electronically statement. You are not required to give your consent. However, in order to use LionPATH and other electronic systems to conduct business with the University, you must confirm annually that you consent to do business with the University electronically. Therefore, once a year, when you log in to LionPATH, the system will ask you to reaffirm consent or to indicate if you do not wish to conduct business electronically. This is your choice.

Since many current students logged into LionPATH for the first time approximate a year ago, their original Consent to do Business Electronically is expiring (one year from the date of signing the agreement in LionPATH). The first time you log in to LionPATH after this expiration date, you once again will be asked to sign the consent agreement, if you wish to reaffirm your consent, click the box to indicate your agreement. This screen will prevent all other online actions, including accepting financial aid, enrolling in classes, paying tuition, and more until you agree.

If you choose not to agree to do business with the University electronically, you cannot use LionPATH to access your academic and financial information. However, you can conduct business by visiting or contacting the appropriate University office during normal business hours (for example, you will go to the Registrar's Office to register for classes, or to the Student Aid Office to sign for your Financial Aid in person or through paper communications).

Please note that choosing not to do business with the University electronically will not impact the University's official mode of communication with you, which remains through the University provided email account. University communications will continue to be routed to your Penn State email address, and you will be responsible for all academic and administrative information provided to you in this format.