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Parent/Other Access to Academic Verifications

Academic Verifications are now available to parents via the eLion Parent/Other menu. However, parents must first be granted access by their student(s) as follows:

  1. Parent obtains a Penn State User ID through a "Friends of Penn State" account if they do not have a current Penn State access account. Go to eLion and select "Parent/Other." Select "Create an Account" and follow the instructions to obtain your "Friends of Penn State" User ID.

  2. Parent provides their student(s) with their Penn State User ID.

  3. The student grants their parent access by logging into eLion, select "Parent/Other Access" on the left-hand menu, select "Continue," and follow the directions to grant access to the Academic Verification.

Once the access has been granted by the student, the parent may log into eLion as Parent/Other, and select Academic Verification.