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Academic Verifications

An academic verification provides confirmation of enrollment status, dates of attendance, and degree(s) conferred. Verifications may be used to confirm enrollment to insurers and lenders and to confirm degree(s) to employers. If you believe you need a notarized copy of your academic verification, please review the information on the Notary Services website and follow the instructions provided there.

Penn State's academic verification services are available to all currently enrolled and former students and to parents of currently enrolled students.

Penn State has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as its agent for all verification requests from third parties. All insurers, lenders, employers and others who need to verify enrollment and/or degrees of Penn State students must use the National Student Clearinghouse services.

  • Academic verifications are not available for students who have requested that their directory information not be released.
  • Verifications do not include PSU ID, Social Security number, specific course information, or grades.
  • The academic verification reports all completed or in progress degree programs at The Pennsylvania State University. Other academic program notations including minors, options, certificates and non-credit programs are reported on the student's official academic transcript.